Bootstrap Input Spinner Plugin

A Bootstrap 4 / jQuery plugin to create input spinner elements for number input.

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The following contains examples of the InputSpinner's main features

Simple Integer

Floating Point

Handle change and input events and read the value from JavaScript with val()

Type in a number to see the difference between change and input events.

Value on input:
Value on change:

Programmatic changing the value with val()


Gross (+19%)

Attributes placeholder and required

Attribute disabled, dynamically changing

Attributes are handled dynamically.

Dynamically handling of the class attribute

Try to change the class to "is-invalid" or "text-info".


Sizing works out of the box. Just set the original inputs class to form-control-sm or form-control-lg, and the resulting group gets the class input-group-sm or input-group-lg.



Dynamically handling of min, max, step and data-decimals

Prefix and Suffix



Attribute data-step-max and looping the value

This Input starts from 0 when reaching 360.

Use the data-step-max attribute to limit the step velocity.

"Loop" the value between 0 and 360 with the change event in JavaScript.